Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome New Associate Director Matt Baur

We are happy to announce that Dr. Matt Baur is our new associate director for the Western IPM Center. Matt is an entomologist with diverse IPM experience, including as a research scientist for DuPont / Pioneer in Delaware, a private IPM consultant for growers in Massachusetts, and a research assistant professor in extension in Louisiana.
Although he has been east of the Mississippi River the last 20 years, Matt is familiar with the West. As a post-doctoral scholar he worked on IPM for diamondback moth in California and Hawaii and his bachelor’s degree is from University of California San Diego.
Matt will manage the Center’s grant program, facilitate the work of the grant awardees, and manage the Center’s budget. We are looking forward to capitalizing on Matt’s skills and experience to improve the Western IPM Center.
You can reach Matt at, or (530) 750-1270.