Monday, September 30, 2013

Check out these new IPM Videos by the University of California

Do you know what's in that household pesticide you just picked up? 
The UC IPM program, with funding assistance from the Western IPM Center, recently posted several new IPM-related video on YouTube.

The videos include two on mosquitoes, one about aphids, three focused on bedbugs, and one titled "What's in the Pesticide?" that encourages people to read pesticide labels and understand the proper usage of whatever household pesticide they might have.

The videos are each a couple of minutes long. Check them out at the UC IPM YouTube page.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Excellent New Onion Production Bulletin Available

Kudos to the Onion ipmPIPE Project and Colorado State University for the publication of Onion Health Management and Production, a 104 page, full-color bulletin written by a national team of 20 onion experts.

The bulletin provides highlights on common production practices and integrated pest management strategies in use by progressive onion growers and the industry throughout the U.S. Included in the bulletin are:
  • Onion growth stages
  • Pest and disease diagnostic aids
  • Plant damage scales
  • Pest and disease occurrence charts
  • Other field-oriented tips
Free copies are available by contacting Editor Howard F. Schwartz at Colorado State University. This is the second major onion publication authored by Howard recently. Earlier this year, he was the lead author on an updated Pest Management Strategic Plan for dry bulb storage onions developed with Western IPM Center funding.

The new bulletin was developed as part of a USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture project and the Colorado Integrated Pest Management Program.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Work for the Western IPM Center

The Western IPM Center is recruiting for an associate director to administer the Center budget and manage and coordinate our competitive grants program.

The associate director also facilitates the work of the funded projects, support the director in identifying Western IPM needs and developing and delivering competitive and non-competitive programs to fulfill those needs. They collaborate with state, regional and national groups with similar interests; participate in national Center and USDA planning; and assist the director in preparing reports for USDA and US EPA.

The position is located in Davis, California. See the full position description and apply here. 

The application period closes Oct. 15.

Monday, September 16, 2013

WSU Plans Two School IPM Training Workshops this Fall

For schools and school districts in Washington, Washington State University will offer two one-day workshops this fall to help schools understand integrated pest management, and develop custom IPM programs for their schools. 

The workshops will be hosted by Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, WA (although the exact location hasn't yet been set.)  Here's the lineup:

Tuesday, October 15
Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Why It's a Good Idea and How It Works
• Learn how IPM can work for you and what role pesticides play in an IPM program.
• Learn IPM techniques for indoor and outdoor pest management.
• Get tools to implement an IPM approach in schools.
• Learn about the IPM STAR Certification process.

Tuesday, November 19
Design and Customize an IPM Program for Your School
• Learn about the rules for pesticide use on school grounds and get your questions answered.
• Approach common problems from an IPM perspective and take home resources to help you educate teachers and staff.
• Assess your current IPM program, participate in working sessions to create an action plan and prioritize tasks, and plan the next steps in your IPM journey.

The same workshops will also be held in Bellevue on October 17 and November 21. Register online at www.schoolipm.wsu.eduFor additional information, email or call 253-445-4517.