Friday, May 31, 2013

New USDA Grant Available to Develop IPM Decision Support Systems

From USDA: The purpose of the program is to support development of expert systems that help guide, demonstrate and multiply impacts of USDA supported IPM programs. The goals of these IPM programs are: 1) Improve cost benefit analyses when adopting IPM practices, 2) Reduce potential human health risks from pests and related management strategies, and 3) Minimize adverse environmental effects from pests and related management strategies. Both the efficiency and effectiveness of these individual programs have historically been increased by the expert systems made available to the participants. The decision support systems created and maintained by the successful applicant will help these programs maintain and communicate IPM research, education, and extension priorities; allow a diverse group of stakeholders to obtain access to selected program outputs; compile LOGIC model based program reports; and synthesize program outcomes and impacts. projects should substantially contribute to the long-term improvement and sustainability of the IPM portfolio.

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