Thursday, June 20, 2013

If You Haven't Seen Arizona's Regular Vegetable IPM Update, Check it Out Here

Getting useful pest information out to growers when they need it is critical to helping them adopt good pest management practices. And that's exactly what the University of Arizona's Vegetable IPM Update does. 

The Update is a year round, bi-weekly advisory that provides timely, practical and science-based pest management information about high-value produce, melon and other vegetable crops. 

Each update contains a short piece on insect, weed and disease management, written in an informal and direct style, often with links to audio and video files, extension publications or reports. 

More than 450 users get the Update on their smartphones or email, and the information is also re-distributed by the Western Farm Press, Western Agri-Radio Network and other media outlets, reaching tens of thousands of subscribers all told. 

The updates are developed by the Vegetable Crops Team  of John Palumbo, Mike Matheron, Barry Tickes and Kurt Nolte, who are located in Yuma, one of the world’s most productive regions for leafy vegetables, brassicas, and melon crops, and are coordinated by Assistant in Extension Marco Peña. They've produced more than 80 updates since the program started in 2010, and more than 90 video or audio files from past updates are archived online. Check 'em out!

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