Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot off the Press: IPM Field Guide for Northwest Vineyards

Grape growers throughout the Pacific Northwest now have access to a great new integrated pest management field guide that was just published by the Pacific Northwest Extension.

The full-color, 132-page guide was funded by a Western IPM Center grant.

The guide introduces IPM practices and covers all aspects of vineyard pest management in an easy-to-read, spiral-bound book format. Sections are color-coded to enable quick flipping to the desired topic, and the paper is a coated stock that will stand up to several seasons in the door pocket of a pickup.

Filled with photos, the guide highlights the following:
  • Resistance management and buffers
  • Viticulture practices and IPM
  • Insect and mite management
  • Beneficial arthropods
  • Disease managements
  • Nematode management
  • Weed management
  • Abiotic stresses and disorders, and vertebrate damage

The Pacific Northwest Extension is a cooperative venture  between Washington State University, Oregon State University and the University of Idaho. In addition to Western IPM Center funding, the Washington Wine Industry Foundation also provided support for printing and distributing the guide.

Copies will be available at various WSU Viticulture extension events throughout the year, or can be ordered through these links: Washington State, Oregon State, University of Idaho

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