Monday, September 16, 2013

WSU Plans Two School IPM Training Workshops this Fall

For schools and school districts in Washington, Washington State University will offer two one-day workshops this fall to help schools understand integrated pest management, and develop custom IPM programs for their schools. 

The workshops will be hosted by Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, WA (although the exact location hasn't yet been set.)  Here's the lineup:

Tuesday, October 15
Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Why It's a Good Idea and How It Works
• Learn how IPM can work for you and what role pesticides play in an IPM program.
• Learn IPM techniques for indoor and outdoor pest management.
• Get tools to implement an IPM approach in schools.
• Learn about the IPM STAR Certification process.

Tuesday, November 19
Design and Customize an IPM Program for Your School
• Learn about the rules for pesticide use on school grounds and get your questions answered.
• Approach common problems from an IPM perspective and take home resources to help you educate teachers and staff.
• Assess your current IPM program, participate in working sessions to create an action plan and prioritize tasks, and plan the next steps in your IPM journey.

The same workshops will also be held in Bellevue on October 17 and November 21. Register online at www.schoolipm.wsu.eduFor additional information, email or call 253-445-4517.

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