Monday, January 27, 2014

Take a Look at Our New Annual Report and Newsletter

The Western IPM Center's 2013 Annual Report is available for download. The 20-page report highlights changes and accomplishments during 2013, documents our five main objectives and efforts to achieve them during the year, and provides an overview of the Center's three Signature Programs.

It also lists the grants funded in 2013, looks at the leverage generated by Center grants, and reports the impacts achieved by our 2012 grants.

The centerpiece is a two-page map showing just a few of the connections the Western IPM Center helps create, not just in the West, but nationwide. 

Download the report here.

Another new publication from the Western IPM Center is our new monthly e-newsletter, The Western Front.

The e-newsletter will replace the printed quarterly newsletters we used to publish, and provide more timely IPM-related information to researchers and practitioners throughout the West. (The new format is also more e-reader-friendly.)

Each issue will include stories and links, a list of upcoming meetings and conferences, and IPM-related job announcements. 

If you haven't see it yet, check out the January issue here

To subscribe, click here, and type "Subscribe" in the message line. Thanks!

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